And, I’m back… in Boston.

So, I miss this.

I miss writing in a blog that I care about, and that people actually read. I’ve been trying to come up with some outlet in the form of several incarnations of other blogs, and I have come to the conclusion that I’m just not creative enough to top Death by Dolmus, because hot damn, it’s a pretty awesome name amiright?

So this marks a turning point. This is the new Death by Dolmus. It will include musings about my current life, living/surviving in Allston, an undergrad-infested enclave of Boston, while continuing to work in higher ed. My life is still dominated by public transportation. While Boston is sadly devoid of dolmus, it is chock full of terrible and outdated trams, subways and busses.

Additions to my life:

  • My roommates Steve (the bureaucrat) and Ryan (the nurse)
  • Hulu & Netflix
  • Harvard University’s library (yay!)
  • Moderately priced alcoholic beverages 
  • A job for an employer that actually cares about my mental health (YOK, take note)

I hope you’ll keep reading, even if my life in Boston bears little semblance to my former life in T-Dag, I hope you’ll find this blog at least as fun and as entertaining as I hope you found it before.