Public transportation has the power to throw a group of strangers in, on top of one another, the shoving, the sounds,the sights, the smells, and sometimes even the tastes: what better way to experience a new city, country or culture than by engaging the five senses? Having been stripped of my car, I am at the mercy of the publicly available transportation.This blog was inspired by Turkish public transportation: dolmuş, city-bus, inter-city bus, servis, tram, funicular, metro, planes, trains but absolutely never the automobile.

I’m a former Fulbrighter and native Bostonian, currently pursuing a Master of City Planning at UC Berkeley. I hope you’ll join me in my adventures. If you’re so inclined, I blog here now, because in addition to loving the dolmus, I love bicycles too.


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  1. Hi there.

    Barbara from Turkish Muse contacted me a number of other bloggers a while back. She and her husband were off on a romantic visit to Paris to celebrate their anniversary. She asked if we could guest post on Turkish Muse while she was being swept off her feet. What a fantastic idea, I thought. So I’m stealing Barbara’s concept. Liam and I are off to London for two weeks at the end of August followed by a few days in Bordeaux to celebrate an old friend’s 50th. So my question is would you be willing to write something for Perking the Pansies while I’m away?

    Although my blog is mostly about my life in Turkey with Liam, I often stray onto other topics when the mood takes me. So I really don’t mind what you write about. It can be about your life as an expat, a social comment or hot topic, your favourite recipe, what you like or dislike about expat life, what you miss/don’t miss about your former life, your favourite photo, your best/worst holiday, where you’d like to visit, even your grandmother’s secrets if you’re in the mood to be racy. Write whatever takes your fancy. Itmight be a good excuse to write about something new away from your normal theme. I don’t even mind if it’s long or short. See how easy I am to please? Of course a link back to your own blog will be included.

    If you’d like to take part can I ask you to send me your piece (with photos if you want) to me by 1st August? Please say yes!

    Thank you in advance.

    Best wishes


  2. love your blog! it’s so well-written, funny, and informative. i’ll be doing the eta program in turkey this fall and am excited to go to the places and cities you described!

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